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Patient Demographics Query for Mobile (PDQm)

This section specifies Swiss national extensions to Patient Demographics Query for mobile (PDQm). PDQm is published as an IHE ITI Trial Implementation profile.


In the Swiss EPR, the PDQm profile ensures that different systems can search patients participating in the Swiss EPR by demographics and that the initial demographics data can be retrieved from the MPI.

Use Cases

A mHealth App wants to search a patient participating in the EPR. The mHealth App needs to provide demographic search criteria and can then retrieve patients matching these parameters.

Actors and Transactions, Content Specifications

This national extension adds restrictions to the amount of query results if too many are found. Otherwise there are no extensions or restrictions to the profile actors and the transaction.

PDQm Actor DiagramPatient Demographics ConsumerPatient Demographics SupplierITI-78 Mobile Patient Demographics Query

This figure shows the actors directly involved in the Patient Demographics Query for Mobile Profile and the relevant transactions between them.

Actor Options

No extensions or restrictions to the profile actor options are specified in the Swiss national extension.

Required Actor Grouping

This national extension enforces authentication and authorization for access control. Therefore actors of this profile must be grouped with actors of other profiles according to the following table:

Actor Required Grouping Optionality
Patient Demographics Supplier IUA Resource Server R
Patient Demographics Consumer IUA Authorization Client R
Table 1: Grouping of PDQm actors required by this national extension.

Security Consideration

This national extension enforces authentication and authorization of access to the Patient Demographics Supplier using the IUA profile with basic access token as described in IUA.