Implementation Guide CH VACD
4.0.1 - trial-use Switzerland flag

This page is part of the CH VACD (R4) (v4.0.1: STU 4) based on FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) R4. This is the current published version in its permanent home (it will always be available at this URL). For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions


All significant changes to this FHIR implementation guide will be documented on this page.


  • #270: 4.0.1 Technical correction for invalid package

See Resolution Desk STU 4

STU 4 Ballot

See Resolution Desk STU 4 Ballot


See Resolution Desk STU 3 Ballot

STU 3 Ballot

The issues in an overview for this ballot can be found here

ValueSet issues

  • Issue 126: review and update of CH-VACD value sets including translations
  • Issue 116: additional HPV-vaccination ch-vacd-ch-vaccination-plan-immunizations-vs (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 115: additional HPV vaccine ch-vacd-vaccines-snomedct-vs (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 114: Change English display name to “Rotavirus disease” ch-vacd-targetdiseasesandillnessesundergoneforimmunization-vs (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 113: additional concept “Anaphylaxis caused by component of vaccine product (disorder)” ch-vacd-immunization-allergyintolerances-vs (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 106: Define CH Recommendation Forecast Status CodeSystem/ValueSet
  • Issue 103: Terminology - Nuvaxovid in Value Sets ergänzen (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)

Fixes and Typos

  • Issue 128: Rename tab ‘Documents’
  • Issue 127: Update title of the profiles
  • Issue 125: Improve Slicing that info entry[1] warnings are not shown
  • Issue 123: Examples: Fix GLN Numbers in examples after failing checks by CH CORE profile
  • Issue 122: Typo: communication:languageOfCorrespondance
  • Issue 105: CM wrong direction of source / target (Roeland Luykx (RALY GmbH))

Profile issues

  • Issue 130: Cardinality of text in section
  • Issue 129: warning: Found multiple matching profiles
  • Issue 124: CH VACD Recommendation Profile - remove the profile without sense
  • Issue 121: Profile Definition for “Basic Immunization done”
  • Issue 119: map or remove ATC value set – ch-vacd-vaccines-atc-vs (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 118: do we need it? CH VACD Pregnancy Profile (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 117: Really needed? CH VACD Other Relevant Observations (Condition) (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 112: Specify presentation requirements of Immunization Administration Document (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 111: absent or unknown immunization leads to unlogic constraints – CH VACD Immunization Profile (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 110: Provide Minimal Data Set or Must Support (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 109: Terminology - replace urn:oid uri (Roeland Luykx, RALY GmbH)
  • Issue 108: Immunization Profile - Vaccine code VS have to be extensible in place of requrired (Roeland Luykx, RALY GmbH/HCI)
  • Issue 107: CH VACD Recommendation Patient Profile - reduce restriction for name (Roeland Luykx (in name of HCI))
  • Issue 104: CH VACD Medication For Immunization Profile (Oliver Egger, ahdis)
  • Issue 101: CH VACD Other Relevant Observations: add short explanation about the resource type Condition

STU 2 Ballot

Added Missing Parts


Changed and Updates


  • Issue 66: Immunization Certificate - Missing Sections in Picture (Roeland Luykx, RALY GmbH)

Open features

  • Issue 52: Revision of the code systems
  • Issue 69: Travel information – Immunization Recommendation Request (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 88: Usecase from hospital environment to report vaccination documentation to authorities (Daniel Ratschiller, Cistec AG)
  • Issue 99: Expert review of valuesets and translations