Implementation Guide CH VACD
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This page is part of the CH VACD (R4) (v4.0.1: STU 4) based on FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) R4. This is the current published version in its permanent home (it will always be available at this URL). For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

Test Cases

There are innumerable variations of contents related to vaccination. In the test cases listed below, the mechanism of dealing with multiple documents to obtain an overall picture of a patient’s vaccination status has to be shown.

The test cases are tailored to use in the electronic patient record (EPR), but can also be used in all other areas outside of the EPR, since these are fundamental processes.

Test Cases

A Immunizations

# Case Doc1 Doc2 Doc3 Doc4 Doc5 Doc6 Resultat
A01 Patient has three vaccination documents in two different communities (one of them recorded by the patient himself) A_D1_P_C1 A_D2_HCP1_C1 A_D3_HCP2_C2 - - - Result. Document A 01
A02 HCP from G2 applies and records second dose of vaccination (hepatitis A) A_D1_P_C1 A_D2_HCP1_C1 A_D3_HCP2_C2 A_D4_HCP2_C2 - - Result. Document A 02
A03 Patient enters second dose of vaccination (TBE) A_D1_P_C1 A_D2_HCP1_C1 A_D3_HCP2_C2 A_D4_HCP2_C2 A_D5_P_C1 - Result. Document A 03
A04 HCP validates the vaccination (TBE) (Doc6) which was entered by the patient (Doc5) D5_P_C1 A_D6_HCP1_C1 Result. Document A 04

B Other Elements

# Case Doc1 Doc2 Resultat
B01 Allergy to typhoid vaccine B_D1_HCP1_C1 B_D2_HCP1_C1 Result. Document B 01
B02 Undergone Illness (Varicella) B_D1_HCP1_C1 B_D3_HCP1_C1 Result. Document B 02
B03 Expositionrisk (Working in healthcare) B_D1_HCP1_C1 B_D4_HCP1_C1 Result. Document B 03
B04 Laboratory and Serology (Hepatitis B virus surface Ab) B_D1_HCP1_C1 B_D5_HCP1_C1 Result. Document B 04
B05 Pregnancy B_D1_HCP1_C1 B_D6_HCP1_C1 Result. Document B 05

C Correction of Entries

# Case Doc1 Doc2 Resultat
C01 Correction of own entry A_D1_P_C1 C_D1_P_C1 Result. Document C 01
C02 Correction of foreign entry A_D3_HCP2_C2 C_D2_HCP1_C1 Result. Document C 02
C03 Cancel entry own community (refuted) B_D4_HCP1_C1 C_D3_HCP1_C1 Result. Document C 03
C04 Cancel entry of other community C_D4_HCP2_C2 C_D5_HCP1_C1 Result. Document C 04
C05 DOES NOT validate patient entry for Undergone illness C_D6_P_C1 C_D7_HCP1_C1 Result. Document C 05

D Conflicts on merging Documents

# Case Doc1 Doc2 Doc3 Resultat
D01 On merging, a conflict is found in the immunization entries (same vaccination, same date) D_D1_HCP1_C1 D_D2_HCP2_C2 Result. Document D 01
D02 Merging conflicts for immunization, medicalproblems and past illness D_D3_HCP1_C1 D_D4_HCP2_C2 Result. Document D 02
D03 Merging conflict for medicalproblem in three documents D_D5_HCP1_C1 D_D6_HCP2_C2 D_D7_HCP3_C1 Result. Document D 03

E Language handling on merging Documents

# Case Doc1 Doc2 Resultat
E01 Mergin documents with different language settings E_D1_HCP1_C1 E_D2_HCP1_C1 Result. Document E 01

F Add Notes to existing Elements

# Case Doc1 Doc2 Resultat
F01 Add comment (note) to an existing Immunization F_D1_HCP1_C1 F_D2_HCP1_C1 Result. Document F 01
F02 Add comment (note) to an existing AllergyIntolerance F_D3_HCP1_C1 F_D4_HCP1_C1 Result. Document F 02
F03 Add comment (note) to an existing Condition(PastIllness) F_D5_HCP1_C1 F_D6_HCP1_C1 Result. Document F 03