CH Core (R4)
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This page is part of the CH Core (R4) (v4.0.0-ballot: STU Ballot 1) based on FHIR R4. This is the current published version in its permanent home (it will always be available at this URL). For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions


  • eCH-0046 Email Category

    Extension to define the e-mail category according to eCH-0046

  • eCH-0046 Phone Category

    Extension to define the phone category according to eCH-0046

  • BFS Extension Medical Statistic: Admit Role for Encounter

    BFS Extension Admit Role for Encounter

  • Author of the content

    Extension to reference the person (and her/his organization) who is responsible for the content (e.g. an author of an eMedication document or a recorder of an immunization). This extension is used to differentiate on entry level between the author of the content (represented with this extension) and the author of the medical decision or the performer of an event (represented e.g. with Resource.performer/informationSource).

  • EPR Confidentiality Code

    Extension for the confidentiality code according to the Swiss EPR regulation

  • eCH-0046 Internet Category

    Extension to define the internet category according to eCH-0046

  • Place of Origin according to eCH-0011

    The place of origin of the patient.

  • Place of Birth according to eCH-0011

    The registered place of birth of the patient.

  • BFS Extension Medical Statistic: Discharge Destination for Encounter

    BFS Extension Discharge Destination for Encounter

  • Name

    eCH-0011: Extension to define name type

  • EPR Time

    Additional timestamp for the author or other elements.

  • EPR Information Recipient

    Extension for a recipient of this document (corresponds to the addressee of a letter - person or organization)

  • BFS Extension Medical Statistic: Discharge Décision for Encounter

    BFS Extension Discharge Décision for Encounter

  • If an encounter is caused by an accident

    Extension to define an encounter that is caused by an accident and at which time the accident happened

  • First Name

    eCH-0011: Extension to define first name type

  • Marital Data - Separation Type

    eCH-0011: Extension to define the separation type. For married but separated persons and for persons in a registered partnership but living separately.

  • EPR Data Enterer

    Extension to define the information about the person and organisation that entered data and the time of the data input

  • Encounter, Suspected Readmission

    Encounter Extension for suspected readmission

  • Address Line Type

    eCH-0010: Extension to define line types for addresses

  • eCH-0007 Municipality Id – BFS Gemeindenummer

    eCH-0007: Extension to define a BFS Number for a municipality