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This implemenation guide is based on the CDA-CH-EMED eMedication ART-DECOR® specification which has been published by eHealth Suisse.
CDA-CH-EMED defines the documents for the exchange of medication information in the context of the EPR (electronic patient record) in Switzerland. The documents are based on the IHE Pharmacy Technical Framework modelled and specialized in the Building Block Repository CH-PHARM. Base for this modelling was the report from IPAG eMedikation, 7.6.2017 and the work of IPAG/eHealth Suisse.

The CH EMED implementation guide describes the FHIR representation of the defined documents for the exchange of medication information. This implementation guide is dependent on CH Core and CH EPR Term, which describe the Swiss specific context, especially related to the Swiss electronic patient record.

The following documents have been defined:

Download: You can download this implementation guide in NPM format from here.


For all elements listed in the minimum data set in the IPAG report the corresponding FHIR elements ‘mustSupport’ flag have been set to true. ‘MustSupport’ flags are currently only defined for the Medication Card document.

Meaning of the Flag MustSupport for this Implementation Guide

The flag mustSupport follows the IHE use of R2 as defined in Appendix Z. It demands that the content creator must support these elements if they are known. If the sending application has data for the element, it is required to populate the element with a non-empty value. If the value is not known, the element may be omitted. A receiving application may ignore the information conveyed by the element. A receiving application shall not raise an error solely due to the presence or absence of the element.

Implication of MustSupport to the Original Representation

The original representation of the Medication Card document document must be embedded as a PDF in PDF/A-1 or PDF/A-2 format. If elements of the minimum data set in the IPAG report are provided in the bundle, they are also required to be represented in the original representation (PDF).


This guide is the product of collaborative work undertaken with participants from:

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