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This page is part of the FHIR eMedication exchange formats for the implementation effort of CARA within its EPR community (v1.0.0: STU1) based on FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) R4. This is the current published version. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

Guidance Others

Those are generic guidances that apply to all documents.

Patient body weight

The patient body weight can be specified by adding a Body Weight Observation to the Bundle in the entry “ObsBodyWeight”. It must be referenced from the Composition too, in the section “vitalSigns”.

IDs and identifiers

Both ids and identifiers are mentionned in this documentation. Although they might seem similar, they differ in the fact that id is relative to a given FHIR document, while identifier is absolute for a resource.

A given ressource (for instance a pratician) might have a different id in different FHIR document, but it will always have the same identifier (eg. its GLN).

For instance, in the following resource :

      "fullUrl": "",
      "resource": {
        "resourceType": "Practitioner",
        "id": "FamilienHausarzt",
        "text": {
          "status": "generated",
          "div": "<div xmlns=\"\"><p><b>Generated Narrative: Practitioner</b><a name=\"FamilienHausarzt\"> ... Familien Hausarzt </p></div>"
        "identifier": [
            "system": "urn:oid:",
            "value": "7601000234438"
        "name": [
            "family": "Hausarzt",
            "given": [

The id of the practitionner is FamilienHausarzt. This value is used in the fullUrl for internal references within the FIHR document (see also compositions guidance).

The identifier, composed of a system and a value is absolute : it’s the practitionner’s GLN, that is valid outside the FHIR document.


The use of the meta/profile tag is encouraged in development because it enables better feedback / response codes. This profile can be omitted in a production environment.

"meta": {
    "lastUpdated": "2020-03-09T12:31:59.738+00:00",
    "profile": [