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Example Bundle: Bundle: PMLC document with a prescribed axapharm paracetamol treatment

Michaël Christopher Karce Male, DoB: 1973-12-25 ( Medical record number: 9b00e81e-1165-4039-9d60-698ef838ae1a (use: OFFICIAL))

Generated Narrative: Composition

Resource Composition "CompositionPmlcParacetamolAxapharmCARAPMP004" (Language "fr-CH")

Profile: PMLC Composition

Security Labels:

identifier: id: #urn:uuid:46141281-6d89-4f57-950b-45bf7ba3171c

status: FINAL

type: Medication management plan (record artifact) (SNOMED CT#736378000)

date: 2023-10-01 00:00:00+0200

author: See above (urn:uuid:f5090ee8-b8b1-4b1e-b529-b6d55fad08d4)

title: Plan de médication

custodian: See above (urn:uuid:dd9fd2e4-92d4-4a56-bda2-cf921e432eea)

Medication List

Ce plan de médication a été généré automatiquement par le service eMedication CARA le 14 décembre 2023 à 14:35:07 UTC. Tous les traitements actifs sont considérés.

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2. urn:uuid:9b00e81e-1165-4039-9d60-698ef838ae1a (Patient/PatientCARAPMP004)

Michaël Christopher Karce Male, DoB: 1973-12-25 ( Medical record number: 9b00e81e-1165-4039-9d60-698ef838ae1a (use: OFFICIAL))

3. urn:uuid:f5090ee8-b8b1-4b1e-b529-b6d55fad08d4 (Device/DevicePmp)

Generated Narrative: Device

Resource Device "DevicePmp"

Profile: CH EMED EPR Device

type: Pharmaceutical information system application software (physical object) (SNOMED CT#701612004)



owner: See above (urn:uuid:dd9fd2e4-92d4-4a56-bda2-cf921e432eea)

4. urn:uuid:dd9fd2e4-92d4-4a56-bda2-cf921e432eea (Organization/OrganizationCara)

Generated Narrative: Organization

Resource Organization "OrganizationCara"

Profile: CH EMED EPR Organization

identifier: id: 7601001407428

name: Association CARA


*Route de la Corniche 3a Épalinges Vaud 1066 CH

5. urn:uuid:6d18b9e4-df5d-4932-b996-c0c2ada40b0e (MedicationStatement/MedicationStatementParacetamolAxapharmPmlc)

Generated Narrative: MedicationStatement

Resource MedicationStatement "MedicationStatementParacetamolAxapharmPmlc" (Language "fr-CH")

Profile: CH EMED MedicationStatement (CARD)

CH EMED Extension Treatment Plan



value: id: #urn:uuid:17837392-0340-414d-a3bf-fa9f237b91ff



value: id: #urn:uuid:0399ef84-c71b-413b-8a66-b5a835f4f4c5

identifier: id: #urn:uuid:64ac7c70-3edb-4b39-84e6-4045e196884f

status: RECORDED

subject: See above (urn:uuid:9b00e81e-1165-4039-9d60-698ef838ae1a)

dateAsserted: 2023-10-01 00:00:00+0200


practitioner: #PractitionerCox

organization: #OrganizationHug


Generated Narrative: Medication #MedicationParacetamolAxapharm

code: PARACETAMOL Axapharm cpr pell 1g (unknown#7680669830045 "PARACETAMOL Axapharm cpr pell 1g blister 20pce"; WHO ATC#N02BE01 "paracetamol")


*true1 g (Details: UCUM code g = 'g')/1 comprimé (Details: SNOMED CT code 732936001 = 'Tablet (unit of presentation)')

Generated Narrative: Organization #OrganizationHug

identifier: id: 7601000234438

name: Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève


*Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4 Genève 1205 CH

Generated Narrative: Practitioner #PractitionerCox

identifier: id: 7601000234438

name: Perry Cox

Generated Narrative: PractitionerRole #PractitionerRoleCoxAtHug

practitioner: #PractitionerCox

organization: #OrganizationHug

6. urn:uuid:ddfaa7af-f4c6-4928-9eb8-c3ceb3b37143 (Binary/original-representation-pdf)

Generated Narrative: Binary

Resource Binary "original-representation-pdf"

contentType: application/pdf

data: (base64 data - 63772 bytes)