CH Core (R4)
2.0.0 - STU 2

This page is part of the CH Core (R4) (v2.0.0: STU 2) based on FHIR R4. . For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions


  • If an encounter is caused by an accident

    Extension to define an encounter that is caused by an accident and at which time the accident happened

  • BFS Extension Medical Statistic: Admit Role for Encounter

    BFS Extension Admit Role for Encounter

  • BFS Extension Medical Statistic: Discharge Décision for Encounter

    BFS Extension Discharge Décision for Encounter

  • BFS Extension Medical Statistic: Discharge Destination for Encounter

    BFS Extension Discharge Destination for Encounter

  • eCH-0007 municipalityId – BFS Gemeindenummer

    eCH-0007: Extension to define a BFS Number for a municipality

  • Address line type

    eCH-0010: Extension to define line types for addresses

  • FirstName

    eCH-0011: Extension to define first name type

  • Name

    eCH-0011: Extension to define name type

  • MaritalData - Separation Type

    eCH-0011: Extension to define the separation type. For married but separated persons and for persons in a registered partnership but living separately.

  • Encounter, suspected readmission

    Encounter Extension for suspected readmission

  • EPR Confidentiality Code

    Extension for the confidentiality code according to the Swiss EPR regulation

  • EPR Data Enterer

    Extension to define the information about the person and organisation that entered data and the time of the data input, equivalent to the dataEnterer from a CDA document

  • EPR Information Recipient

    Extension for a recipient of this document (corresponds to the addressee of a letter - person or organization), equivalent to CDA informationRecipient

  • EPR Section ID

    Extension to define a section identifier. A CDA section has an optional identifier. With this extension the CDA section identifier can be added to the section of the FHIR composition.

  • EPR Time

    CDA documents have the ability to add additional timestamps for the author or other elements. This extensions allows to add CDA timestamps to the respective FHIR elements.

  • EPR Version Number

    A CDA document can have a versionNumber element. This element MUST contain the value 1 for the very first version of that document. For later versions, the version number MUST be increased by 1 each. With this extension the versionNumber can be specified for a FHIR Composition

  • Place of birth according to eCH-0011

    The registered place of birth of the patient.

  • Place of origin according to eCH-0011

    The place of origin of the patient.