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ValueSet: Swiss Preillness Risks For Immunizations

Official URL: Version: 4.0.1
Active as of 2023-12-28 Computable Name: SwissPreillnessRisksForImmunizations
Other Identifiers: id: ch-vacd-risks-preillness-vs (use: OFFICIAL)

Copyright/Legal: CC0-1.0

The preillness risks used in Switzerland.


Logical Definition (CLD)

This value set includes codes based on the following rules:

Additional Language Displays

CodeDeutsch (Schweiz) (German (Switzerland), de)English (United States) (English (United States), en)French (Switzerland) (fr)Italian (Switzerland) (it)rm
373068000Nicht bekanntUndetermined (qualifier value)IndéterminéIndeterminatoNunenconuschent
24063002SchädelbasisfrakturFracture of base of skull (disorder)fracture de la base du crânefrattura della base del craniofractura da la basa da la chavazza
51244008MilzerkrankungDisorder of spleen (disorder)affection de la ratemalattia della milzamalsogna da la spletga
51655004Kongenitale SchädelmissbildungCongenital anomaly of skull (disorder)anomalie congénitale du crânemalformazione congenita del craniodefurmaziun congenitala dal la chavazza
56265001HerzerkrankungHeart disease (disorder)maladie cardiaquemalattia cardiacamalsogna dal cor
75934005StoffwechselerkrankungMetabolic disease (disorder)maladie métaboliquemalattia metabolicamalsogna dal metabolissem
90708001NierenerkrankungKidney disease (disorder)maladie rénalemalattia renalemalsogna dals gnirunchels
230744007Zerebrospinale LiquorfistelCerebrospinal fluid leak (disorder)fistule de liquide céphalorachidienfistola di liquido cerebrospinalefistla da liquor cerebrospinal
235856003LebererkrankungDisorder of liver (disorder)affection du foiemalattia epaticamalsogna dal gnirom
363346000KrebsMalignant neoplastic disease (disorder)cancercancrogiomber
402196005Atopische Dermatitis im KindesalterChildhood atopic dermatitis (disorder)dermatite atopique de l'enfancedermatite atopica nell'infanziadermatitis atopica durant l'uffanza
414029004Störung der ImmunfunktionDisorder of immune function (disorder)perturbation de la fonction immunitairedisturbo della funzione immunitariadisturbi da la funcziun d'immunitad
449840001Cochleaimplantat in situCochlear prosthesis in situ (finding)implant cochléaire in situimpianto cocleare in situimplantat d'udida in situ
737294004Transplantation vorhandenTransplant present (finding)présence d'une transplantationpresenza di un trapiantotransplantaziun avant maun
19829001LungenerkrankungDisorder of lung (disorder)maladie du poumonmalattia polmonaremalsogna dal pulmun
414027002Erkrankung des blutbildenden SystemsDisorder of hematopoietic structure (disorder)affection du système hématopoïétiquedisturbo del sistema ematopoieticomalsogna dal sistem che producescha sang
42251000195104Erkrankung des Nervensystems mit systemischen ManifestationenDisorder of nervous system with systemic manifestations (disorder)affection du système nerveux avec manifestations systémiquesmalattia del sistema nervoso con manifestazioni sistemichemalsogna dal sistem da la gnerva cun manifestaziuns sistemicas
42261000195101Erkrankung des Muskel-Skelett-Systems mit systemischen ManifestationenDisorder of musculoskeletal system with systemic manifestations (disorder)affection du système musculo-squelettique avec manifestations systémiquesmalattia dell'apparato muscoloscheletrico con manifestazioni sistemichemalsogna dal sistem dals musculs e dal skelet cun manifestaziuns sistemicas



Expansion based on:

  • SNOMED CT 2011000195101 edition 07-Jun 2023
  • SNOMED CT International edition 01-Sept 2023
  • SNOMED CT 2011000195101 edition 07-Jun 2023
  • SNOMED CT International edition 01-Sept 2023

This value set contains 18 concepts

  373068000 (qualifier value)
  24063002 of base of skull (disorder)
  51244008 of spleen (disorder)
  51655004 anomaly of skull (disorder)
  56265001 disease (disorder)
  75934005 disease (disorder)
  90708001 disease (disorder)
  230744007 fluid leak (disorder)
  235856003 of liver (disorder)
  363346000 neoplastic disease (disorder)
  402196005 atopic dermatitis (disorder)
  414029004 of immune function (disorder)
  449840001 prosthesis in situ (finding)
  737294004 present (finding)
  19829001 of lung (disorder)
  414027002 of hematopoietic structure (disorder)
  42251000195104 of nervous system with systemic manifestations (disorder)
  42261000195101 of musculoskeletal system with systemic manifestations (disorder)

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