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Example Bundle: Test Case F 01: Add comment (note) to an existing Immunization

Vaccination Record

Id: RDC01-Composition

Identifier: urn:ietf:rfc:3986#urn:uuid:20609dba-9f6a-4b94-bafa-0bad6839bf67

Status: Final

Code: Immunization record (

Patient: Patient/TC-patient Wegmueller Monika

Date: December 8, 2021


Patient/TC-patient Wegmueller Monika

Confidentiality: null Normal (qualifier value) (


Immunization Administration

Immunization Administration

Code: Hx of Immunization (



Additional Document Content

2. (Patient/TC-patient)

Monika Wegmueller Female, DoB: 1967-02-10 ( Medical record number: 12345678)

3. (Practitioner/TC-HCP1-C1)

Generated Narrative: Practitioner

Resource Practitioner "TC-HCP1-C1"

Profile: CH Core Practitioner EPR

identifier: id: 7601888888884

active: true

name: Peter Müller

telecom: ph: tel:+, fax: fax:+,,

address: Grabenstrasse 2 Zürich 8005 CH

4. (Organization/TC-ORG1)

Generated Narrative: Organization

Resource Organization "TC-ORG1"

Profile: CH Core Organization EPR

identifier: id: 7601777777718

name: Gruppenpraxis Müller


*ph: tel:+, fax: fax:+,, http://www.gruppenpraxis.chGrabenstrasse 2 Zürich ZH 8005 CH

5. (PractitionerRole/TC-HCP1-ORG1-ROLE-performer)

Generated Narrative: PractitionerRole

Resource PractitionerRole "TC-HCP1-ORG1-ROLE-performer"

Profile: CH Core PractitionerRole EPR

active: true

practitioner: See above (Practitioner/TC-HCP1-C1)

organization: See above (Organization/TC-ORG1)

6. (Device/TC-Device-Aggregator)

Generated Narrative: Device

Resource Device "TC-Device-Aggregator"

identifier: id: 7601999999981

status: ACTIVE

manufacturer: The Aggregator Company

manufactureDate: 2023-01-01



contact: ph: tel:+,,

location: See above (Location/TC-Device-Aggregator-Location)

7. (Location/TC-Device-Aggregator-Location)

Generated Narrative: Location

Resource Location "TC-Device-Aggregator-Location"

status: ACTIVE

address: Messweg 1 Wissen ZG 6310 CH

8. (Immunization/TCF01-IMMUN3)

Generated Narrative: Immunization

Resource Immunization "TCF01-IMMUN3"

Profile: CH VACD Immunization

Author of the content: See above (Patient/TC-patient)

CH VACD Extension Immunization Medication Reference: See above (Medication/TC-IMMUN-MEDIC-HAVRIX1440)

identifier: id: 94bdf3b1-0c04-42d3-9901-7e68f124f5ff


vaccineCode: Havrix 1440 (Swiss Medic Authorized Vaccines Codesystem#558)

lotNumber: AHAVB946A

patient: See above (Patient/TC-patient)

occurrence: 2021-05-27

route: Intramuscular use (


*See above (PractitionerRole/TC-HCP1-ORG1-ROLE-performer)

note: Der Patient hat diese Impfung ohne jegliche Nebenwirkungen gut vertragen. (By Practitioner/TC-HCP1-C1 @2021-06-02)


*Viral hepatitis, type A (disorder) (SNOMED CT#40468003)

9. (Medication/TC-IMMUN-MEDIC-HAVRIX1440)

Generated Narrative: Medication

Resource Medication "TC-IMMUN-MEDIC-HAVRIX1440"

Profile: CH VACD Medication For Immunization

identifier: id: 359000dc-2cee-4a6e-ab05-577f558840e2

code: HAVRIX 1440 Inj Susp (unknown#7680005580054)

status: ACTIVE




10. (Organization/TC-ORG-GSK)

Generated Narrative: Organization

Resource Organization "TC-ORG-GSK"

Profile: CH Core Organization

identifier: id: 7601001000674

name: GlaxoSmithKline AG


*ph: tel:+41 31 862 21 11(WORK), fax: fax:+41 31 862 22 00(WORK),, https://www.gsk.comTalstrasse 3-5 Münchenbuchsee BE 3053 CH