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ValueSet: CH ELM Results Complete Spec

Official URL: Version: 1.3.0
Active as of 2024-05-17 Computable Name: ChElmResultsCompleteSpec

Copyright/Legal: CC0-1.0

The “CH ELM Results Complete Spec” material group provides a curated set of codes representing specific materials. Each code within this group is selected to ensure consistency and accuracy for medical coding related to the primary LOINC codes. Clients using the “CH ELM Results Complete Spec” group should refer to the provided codes to ensure they capture and report material information correctly and consistently.


Logical Definition (CLD)



Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 01-Feb 2024

This value set contains 60 concepts.

  122592007 blood (serum or plasma) specimen
  119396006 from endometrium
  119341000 specimen
  258603007 sample
  309051001 fluid sample
  119401005 from conjunctiva
  119378002 specimen
  119347001 fluid specimen
  119339001 specimen
  258580003 blood sample
  119389009 from throat
  258527002 swab
  119386002 from prostate
  258454002 sample
  430268003 from bone (specimen)
  119395005 from uterine cervix
  122575003 specimen
  258465007 fluid sample
  119359002 marrow specimen
  119361006 specimen
  119368000 from cyst
  258500001 swab
  168139001 fluid sample
  119300005 from blood product
  119393003 from urethra
  119364003 specimen
  418564007 fluid specimen (specimen)
  119303007 isolate specimen
  119369008 from ulcer
  119391001 from bronchus
  119323008 specimen
  399492000 specimen from lung (specimen)
  119332005 fluid specimen
  258589002 node sample
  119295008 obtained by aspiration
  447154002 from nose (specimen)
  119399004 from eye
  119297000 specimen
  119394009 from vagina
  122736005 specimen from placenta
  119344008 from genital system
  119376003 specimen
  119343002 fluid specimen
  472904006 swab
  122643008 specimen from large intestine
  119324002 of unknown material
  309165001 sample
  258459007 fluid sample
  608969007 from skin (specimen)
  122556008 blood specimen
  258450006 fluid sample
  258415003 sample
  445447003 from trachea obtained by aspiration (specimen)
  119398007 from brain
  119342007 specimen
  119365002 from wound
  119334006 specimen
  119373006 fluid specimen
  119371008 from abscess

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