CH EPR mHealth (R4)
0.1.1 - Draft Standard for Trial Use

This page is part of the CH EPR mHealth (R4) (v0.1.1: DSTU 1) based on FHIR R4. . For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions


  • CH EPR mHealth Patient Profile for IHE PMIR CHPmirPatient
  • CH EPR mHealth Provider Organization Profile for IHE PMIR CHPmirProviderOrganization
  • CH MHD Comprehensive DocumentManifest (SubmissionSet) IHE_MHD_Comprehensive_DocumentManifest_CH
  • CH MHD Provide Comphrensive Document Bundle IHE_MHD_ProvideDocumentBundle_Comprehensive_CH
  • CH MHD Provide Comprehensive DocumentReference IHE_MHD_Provide_Comprehensive_DocumentReference_CH
  • CH MHD Query Comprehensive DocumentReference IHE_MHD_Query_Comprehensive_DocumentReference_CH
  • CH PMIR Bundle Message IHE_PMIR_Bundle_CH
  • Comprehensive DocumentManifest (SubmissionSet) IHE_MHD_Comprehensive_DocumentManifest
  • Comprehensive List (Folder) IHE_MHD_Comprehensive_List
  • IHE PMIR Bundle History IHE_PMIR_BundleHistory
  • IHE PMIR Bundle Message IHE_PMIR_Bundle
  • IHE PMIR MessageHeader IHE_PMIR_MessageHeader
  • IHE PMIR Patient Merge IHE_PMIR_Patient_Merge
  • IHE PMIR Patient Related Person IHE_PMIR_Patient_RelatedPerson
  • IHE PMIR Subscription IHE_PMIR_Subscription
  • IHE PMIR Subscription request IHE_PMIR_Subscription_request
  • IHE_MHD_Provide_Comprehensive_DocumentBundle IHE_MHD_Provide_Comprehensive_DocumentBundle
  • Minimal DocumentManifest (SubmissionSet) IHE_MHD_Minimal_DocumentManifest
  • Minimal List Folder IHE_MHD_Minimal_List
  • Provide Comphrensive Document Bundle IHE_MHD_ProvideDocumentBundle_Comprehensive
  • Provide Comprehensive DocumentReference IHE_MHD_Provide_Comprehensive_DocumentReference
  • Provide Minimal DocumentReference IHE_MHD_Provide_Minimal_DocumentReference
  • Query Comprehensive DocumentReference IHE_MHD_Query_Comprehensive_DocumentReference