CH EPR mHealth (R4)
0.1.1 - Draft Standard for Trial Use

This page is part of the CH EPR mHealth (R4) (v0.1.1: DSTU 1) based on FHIR R4. . For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

Mobile Patient Identity Feed [ITI-93]


The Mobile Patient Identity Feed transaction sends a FHIR Bundle of new and updated Patient Resources.

Actor Roles

Actor: Supplier played by Patient Identity Source
Role: Registers data of a specific patient in the Patient Identity Manager.
Actor: Consumer played by Patient Identity Manager
Role: Stores the patient data provided with the request and assigns it to or creates a master patient record and a MPI-PID.

Referenced Standards

Patient Master Identity Registry (PMIR) – Revision 1.1 – December 5, 2019
Approved CP 1197-04 PMIR – Update to Message Semantics for ITI-93 Mobile Patient Identity Feed
Approved CP 1198-01 PMIR – Clarify Patient Identity Manager return in merge/delete case


Trigger Events

A Supplier triggers a Mobile Patient Identity Feed Request to a Consumer when patients are created, updated, merged, or deleted.

Message Semantics

The same message semantic apply as in Message Semantics of the CP-ITI-1197.

The patient data (see Patient example) shall be conformant to the CH-PMIR Patient profile with the canonical url If the patient is already registered in a community, the MPI-PID SHALL be provided as an identifier. The EPR-SPID as an identifier MAY be added. The birthname can be added with the ISO 21090 qualifier extension, the religion MUST not be added.

Expected Actions Consumer played by Patient Identity Manager

If the MPI-PID is provided as an identifier the Patient Identity Manger SHALL use the MPI-PID to correlate the patient in the community.

Message Example

See Bundle example (and the corresponding profile) for the Mobile Patient Identity Feed Request.

Security Consideration

TLS SHALL be used. This national extension enforces authentication and authorization of access to the Patient Identity Manager using IUA profile with basic access token. Consequently the Mobile Patient Identity Feed [ITI-93] request must authorize using the Incorporate Authorization Token [ITI-72] transaction of the IUA profile.