CH EPR mHealth (R4)
0.1.1 - Draft Standard for Trial Use

This page is part of the CH EPR mHealth (R4) (v0.1.1: DSTU 1) based on FHIR R4. . For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

Provide Document Bundle [ITI-65]

This section describes the additional requirements for the Swiss EPR of the Provide Document Bundle [ITI- 65] transaction defined in the MHD Profile published in the IHE ITI Trial Implementation “Mobile Access to Health Documents”.


In the Swiss EPR the transaction is used by the MHD Document Source to store documents in the EPR.

Actor Roles

Actor: Document Source
Role: Sends documents and metadata to the Document Recipient.
Actor: Document Recipient
Role: Accepts the document and metadata sent from the Document Source.

Referenced Standards

Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD) With XDS on FHIR Rev. 3.1 – 2019-03-06

This MHD Profile is based on Release 4 of the emerging HL7® FHIR® standard.


Trigger Events

This method is invoked when the Document Source needs to submit one or more documents to a Document Recipient.

Message Semantics

The same message semantics as for Message Semantics applies. The FHIR Bundle.meta.profile shall have the following value:

In addition the following extensions have been defined for the Swiss EPR additional metadata:


The required metadata about the AuthorRole of the Author is represented in the DocumentManifest using the extension with the URL The values are definded in the ValueSet SubmissionSet.Author.AuthorRole.


The optional metadata about the DeletionStatus of the document is represented in the DocumentReference using the extension with the URL The values are defined int the ValueSet ch-ehealth-valueset-deletionstatus.

Message Example

See Bundle example (and the corresponding profile) for the Provide Document Bundle Request.

Security Consideration

TLS SHALL be used. This national extension enforces authentication and authorization of access to the Patient Identity Manager using IUA profile with basic access token. Consequently the Provide Document Bundle [ITI-65] request must authorize using the Incorporate Authorization Token [ITI- 72] transaction of the IUA profile.