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ValueSet: CH Allergy Intolerance Value Set


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Title:CH Allergy Intolerance Value Set
Status:Draft as of 2021-06-17T13:50:03+02:00

CH Allergy intolerance value set. This value set includes codes from SNOMED Clinical Terms® findings for the documentation of allergy, intolerance or conditions as well as its absence (no know allergies)

Publisher:HL7 Switzerland

This artefact includes content from SNOMED Clinical Terms® (SNOMED CT®) which is copyrighted material of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). Where an implementation of this artefact makes use of SNOMED CT content, the implementer must have the appropriate SNOMED CT Affiliate license - for more information contact or

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Logical Definition (CLD)



This value set contains 623 concepts

Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jan. 2021

All codes from system

716186003No known allergy (situation)
716220001No known animal allergy (situation)
428197003No known insect allergy (situation)
409137002No known drug allergy (situation)
428607008No known environmental allergy (situation)
429625007No known food allergy (situation)
1003774007No known Hevea brasiliensis latex allergy (situation)
20052008Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase B deficiency (disorder)
420174000Allergy to wheat (finding)
77560002Contact dermatitis caused by adhesive plaster (disorder)
78373000Sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (disorder)
91931000Allergy to erythromycin (finding)
91935009Allergy to peanut (finding)
91936005Allergy to penicillin (finding)
91938006Allergy to strawberry (finding)
91939003Allergy to sulfonamide (finding)
91940001Allergy to walnut (finding)
294031004Allergy to xylometazoline (finding)
190749000Glucose-galactose malabsorption (disorder)
213020009Allergy to egg protein (finding)
232349006Allergy to house dust (finding)
232350006Allergy to dust mite protein (finding)
293584003Allergy to paracetamol (finding)
293585002Allergy to salicylate (finding)
293588000Allergy to pentazocine (finding)
293594008Allergy to methadone (finding)
293596005Allergy to buprenorphine (finding)
293597001Allergy to codeine (finding)
293598006Allergy to diamorphine (finding)
293599003Allergy to dihydrocodeine (finding)
293600000Allergy to nalbuphine (finding)
293601001Allergy to morphine (finding)
293604009Allergy to alfentanil (finding)
293605005Allergy to fentanyl (finding)
293606006Allergy to pethidine (finding)
293608007Allergy to meptazinol (finding)
293611008Allergy to acemetacin (finding)
293612001Allergy to azapropazone (finding)
293613006Allergy to diclofenac (finding)
293618002Allergy to flurbiprofen (finding)
293619005Allergy to ibuprofen (finding)
293620004Allergy to indometacin (finding)
293621000Allergy to ketoprofen (finding)
293623002Allergy to mefenamic acid (finding)
293625009Allergy to naproxen (finding)
293629003Allergy to piroxicam (finding)
293631007Allergy to tenoxicam (finding)
293635003Allergy to tuberculin (finding)
293637006Allergy to contrast media (finding)
293638001Allergy to X-ray contrast media (finding)
293648004Allergy to misoprostol (finding)
293650007Allergy to cimetidine (finding)
293653009Allergy to ranitidine (finding)
293655002Allergy to omeprazole (finding)
293656001Allergy to lansoprazole (finding)
293658000Allergy to pirenzepine (finding)
293660003Allergy to mesalazine (finding)
293663001Allergy to sulfasalazine (finding)
293678008Allergy to bisacodyl (finding)
293680002Allergy to sodium picosulfate (finding)
293692002Allergy to mebeverine (finding)
293706001Allergy to etomidate (finding)
293707005Allergy to ketamine (finding)
293708000Allergy to propofol (finding)
293709008Allergy to thiopental (finding)
293714007Allergy to halothane (finding)
293715008Allergy to isoflurane (finding)
293717000Allergy to desflurane (finding)
293719002Allergy to bupivacaine (finding)
293720008Allergy to cinchocaine (finding)
293722000Allergy to lidocaine (finding)
293724004Allergy to benzocaine (finding)
293725003Allergy to tetracaine (finding)
293726002Allergy to oxybuprocaine (finding)
293727006Allergy to procaine (finding)
293728001Allergy to proxymetacaine (finding)
293732007Allergy to amifostine (finding)
293733002Allergy to aldesleukin (finding)
293735009Allergy to molgramostim (finding)
293736005Allergy to lenograstim (finding)
293737001Allergy to filgrastim (finding)
293738006Allergy to levamisole (finding)
293742009Allergy to busulfan (finding)
293743004Allergy to treosulfan (finding)
293745006Allergy to thiotepa (finding)
293747003Allergy to chlorambucil (finding)
293748008Allergy to cyclophosphamide (finding)
293750000Allergy to ifosfamide (finding)
293751001Allergy to melphalan (finding)
293752008Allergy to estramustine (finding)
293755005Allergy to carmustine (finding)
293756006Allergy to lomustine (finding)
293758007Allergy to dacarbazine (finding)
293760009Allergy to dactinomycin (finding)
293761008Allergy to bleomycin (finding)
293762001Allergy to mitomycin (finding)
293765004Allergy to mitoxantrone (finding)
293767007Allergy to epirubicin (finding)
293768002Allergy to idarubicin (finding)
293771005Allergy to methotrexate (finding)
293772003Allergy to mercaptopurine (finding)
293774002Allergy to pentostatin (finding)
293775001Allergy to cytarabine (finding)
293776000Allergy to fluorouracil (finding)
293777009Allergy to etoposide (finding)
293778004Allergy to amsacrine (finding)
293779007Allergy to carboplatin (finding)
293780005Allergy to cisplatin (finding)
293781009Allergy to hydroxycarbamide (finding)
293782002Allergy to procarbazine (finding)
293785000Allergy to paclitaxel (finding)
293787008Allergy to aminoglutethimide (finding)
293790002Allergy to tamoxifen (finding)
293795007Allergy to vindesine (finding)
293798009Allergy to ciclosporin (finding)
293799001Allergy to azathioprine (finding)
293812003Allergy to apomorphine (finding)
293814002Allergy to pergolide (finding)
293815001Allergy to bromocriptine (finding)
293823004Allergy to doxepin (finding)
293826007Allergy to nortriptyline (finding)
293827003Allergy to trimipramine (finding)
293829000Allergy to amitriptyline (finding)
293830005Allergy to clomipramine (finding)
293833007Allergy to imipramine (finding)
293840008Allergy to moclobemide (finding)
293843005Allergy to venlafaxine (finding)
293845003Allergy to sertraline (finding)
293847006Allergy to paroxetine (finding)
293849009Allergy to citalopram (finding)
293850009Allergy to fluoxetine (finding)
293851008Allergy to fluvoxamine (finding)
293853006Allergy to maprotiline (finding)
293854000Allergy to mianserin (finding)
293855004Allergy to trazodone (finding)
293859005Allergy to lamotrigine (finding)
293860000Allergy to piracetam (finding)
293861001Allergy to gabapentin (finding)
293865005Allergy to phenobarbital (finding)
293866006Allergy to primidone (finding)
293867002Allergy to carbamazepine (finding)
293868007Allergy to vigabatrin (finding)
293869004Allergy to phenytoin (finding)
293870003Allergy to ethosuximide (finding)
293871004Allergy to clonazepam (finding)
293874007Allergy to zopiclone (finding)
293880004Allergy to amobarbital (finding)
293886005Allergy to flunitrazepam (finding)
293887001Allergy to flurazepam (finding)
293889003Allergy to lormetazepam (finding)
293890007Allergy to nitrazepam (finding)
293891006Allergy to triazolam (finding)
293892004Allergy to alprazolam (finding)
293893009Allergy to bromazepam (finding)
293894003Allergy to chlordiazepoxide (finding)
293895002Allergy to clobazam (finding)
293897005Allergy to ketazolam (finding)
293899008Allergy to oxazepam (finding)
293900003Allergy to prazepam (finding)
293901004Allergy to midazolam (finding)
293902006Allergy to diazepam (finding)
293903001Allergy to lorazepam (finding)
293904007Allergy to temazepam (finding)
293906009Allergy to meprobamate (finding)
293908005Allergy to chloral hydrate (finding
293911006Allergy to buspirone (finding)
293912004Allergy to clomethiazole (finding)
293914003Allergy to sulpiride (finding)
293916001Allergy to clozapine (finding)
293917005Allergy to risperidone (finding)
293918000Allergy to tetrabenazine (finding)
293920002Allergy to benperidol (finding)
293923000Allergy to droperidol (finding)
293924006Allergy to haloperidol (finding)
293927004Allergy to fluspirilene (finding)
293928009Allergy to phenothiazine (finding)
293929001Allergy to levomepromazine (finding)
293933008Allergy to thiethylperazine (finding)
293934002Allergy to fluphenazine (finding)
293935001Allergy to chlorpromazine (finding)
293943006Allergy to chlorprothixene (finding)
293946003Allergy to zuclopenthixol (finding)
293948002Allergy to flupentixol (finding)
293955000Allergy to methylphenidate (finding)
293960001Allergy to disulfiram (finding)
293965006Allergy to atenolol (finding)
293966007Allergy to betaxolol (finding)
293967003Allergy to bisoprolol (finding)
293972007Allergy to nadolol (finding)
293974008Allergy to carvedilol (finding)
293982008Allergy to propranolol (finding)
293983003Allergy to sotalol (finding)
293984009Allergy to timolol (finding)
293986006Allergy to alfuzosin (finding)
293987002Allergy to doxazosin (finding)
293991007Allergy to prazosin (finding)
293992000Allergy to terazosin (finding)
293993005Allergy to nicotine (finding)
293996002Allergy to nifedipine (finding)
293998001Allergy to isradipine (finding)
293999009Allergy to felodipine (finding)
294001005Allergy to nimodipine (finding)
294002003Allergy to amlodipine (finding)
294003008Allergy to diltiazem (finding)
294005001Allergy to verapamil (finding)
294007009Allergy to pilocarpine (finding)
294017004Allergy to neostigmine (finding)
294028000Allergy to naphazoline (finding)
294030003Allergy to phenylephrine (finding)
294036009Allergy to salmeterol (finding)
294039002Allergy to fenoterol (finding)
294047002Allergy to dobutamine (finding)
294050004Allergy to isoprenaline (finding)
294055009Allergy to methyldopa (finding)
294057001Allergy to apraclonidine (finding)
294058006Allergy to clonidine (finding)
294062000Allergy to ephedrine (finding)
294063005Allergy to oxymetazoline (finding)
294069009Allergy to biperiden (finding)
294073007Allergy to tropicamide (finding)
294074001Allergy to scopolamine (finding)
294076004Allergy to atropine (finding)
294080009Allergy to glycopyrronium (finding)
294088002Allergy to oxybutynin (finding)
294094005Allergy to bromhexine hydrochloride (finding)
294097003Allergy to acetylcysteine (finding)
294101007Allergy to doxapram (finding)
294112007Allergy to terfenadine (finding)
294114008Allergy to loratadine (finding)
294115009Allergy to azelastine (finding)
294116005Allergy to cetirizine (finding)
294118006Allergy to clemastine (finding)
294119003Allergy to mebhydrolin (finding)
294125004Allergy to antazoline (finding)
294126003Allergy to promethazine (finding)
294130000Allergy to cinnarizine (finding)
294131001Allergy to cyproheptadine (finding)
294132008Allergy to dimetindene (finding)
294133003Allergy to diphenhydramine (finding)
294135005Allergy to hydroxyzine (finding)
294136006Allergy to mepyramine (finding)
294138007Allergy to pheniramine (finding)
294144006Allergy to ketotifen (finding)
294152009Allergy to noscapine (finding)
294153004Allergy to pholcodine (finding)
294157003Allergy to xanthine (finding)
294158008Allergy to aminophylline (finding)
294169006Allergy to coal tar (finding)
294172004Allergy to bufexamac (finding)
294179008Sulfur allergy (disorder)
294180006Allergy to azelaic acid (finding)
294183008Allergy to podophyllotoxin (finding)
294200004Allergy to crotamiton (finding)
294207001Allergy to retinoid (finding)
294209003Allergy to acitretin (finding)
294210008Allergy to tretinoin (finding)
294211007Allergy to isotretinoin (finding
294217006Allergy to probenecid (finding)
294220003Allergy to allopurinol (finding)
294224007Allergy to succinylcholine (finding)
294226009Allergy to mivacurium (finding)
294228005Allergy to atracurium (finding)
294230007Allergy to pancuronium (finding)
294232004Allergy to vecuronium (finding)
294233009Allergy to rocuronium (finding)
294234003Allergy to baclofen (finding)
294236001Allergy to methocarbamol (finding)
294237005Allergy to dantrolene (finding)
294238000Allergy to gold (finding)
294242002Allergy to papaverine (finding)
294243007Allergy to flavoxate (finding)
294245000Allergy to mifepristone (finding)
294253008Allergy to dinoprostone (finding)
294255001Allergy to alprostadil (finding)
294269001Allergy to mesna (finding)
294271001Allergy to flumazenil (finding)
294276006Allergy to naltrexone (finding)
294277002Allergy to naloxone (finding)
294278007Allergy to protamine (finding)
294282009Allergy to chelating agent (finding)
294291008Allergy to penicillamine (finding)
294318004Allergy to castor oil (finding)
294324005Allergy to paraffin (finding)
294330005Allergy to wool alcohol (finding)
294339006Allergy to carmellose (finding)
294341007Allergy to flucytosine (finding)
294342000Allergy to terbinafine (finding)
294346002Allergy to amorolfine (finding)
294348001Allergy to griseofulvin (finding)
294349009Allergy to amphotericin (finding)
294350009Allergy to natamycin (finding)
294351008Allergy to nystatin (finding)
294354000Allergy to undecenoate (finding)
294356003Allergy to clotrimazole (finding)
294359005Allergy to econazole (finding)
294362008Allergy to ketoconazole (finding)
294363003Allergy to miconazole (finding)
294365005Allergy to fluconazole (finding)
294366006Allergy to itraconazole (finding)
294369004Allergy to zidovudine (finding)
294371004Allergy to famciclovir (finding)
294372006Allergy to didanosine (finding)
294374007Allergy to valaciclovir (finding)
294377000Allergy to interferon alfa-2a (finding)
294378005Allergy to interferon alfa-2b (finding)
294380004Allergy to ribavirin (finding)
294381000Allergy to trifluridine (finding)
294382007Allergy to foscarnet (finding)
294384008Allergy to aciclovir (finding)
294388006Allergy to pyrimethamine (finding)
294391006Allergy to primaquine (finding)
294392004Allergy to mefloquine (finding)
294394003Allergy to chloroquine (finding)
294396001Allergy to proguanil (finding)
294398000Allergy to quinine (finding)
294407003Allergy to hexetidine (finding)
294413007Allergy to thymol (finding)
294418003Allergy to phenol (finding)
294426006Allergy to formaldehyde (finding)
294431008Allergy to chlorhexidine (finding)
294438002Allergy to benzalkonium (finding)
294451007Allergy to piperazine (finding)
294458001Allergy to mebendazole (finding)
294459009Allergy to albendazole (finding)
294460004Allergy to tiabendazole (finding)
294463002Allergy to amikacin (finding)
294466005Allergy to streptomycin (finding)
294468006Allergy to neomycin (finding)
294469003Allergy to gentamicin (finding)
294470002Allergy to tobramycin (finding)
294472005Allergy to azithromycin (finding)
294475007Allergy to vancomycin (finding)
294476008Allergy to teicoplanin (finding)
294477004Allergy to trimethoprim (finding)
294478009Allergy to nitrofurantoin (finding)
294480003Allergy to mupirocin (finding)
294481004Allergy to nitrofural (finding)
294482006Allergy to fusidic acid (finding)
294485008Allergy to cinoxacin (finding)
294487000Allergy to ciprofloxacin (finding)
294489002Allergy to ofloxacin (finding)
294490006Allergy to norfloxacin (finding)
294497009Allergy to phenoxymethylpenicillin (finding)
294499007Allergy to benzylpenicillin (finding)
294502006Allergy to flucloxacillin (finding)
294505008Allergy to amoxicillin (finding)
294506009Allergy to ampicillin (finding)
294514003Allergy to temocillin (finding)
294515002Allergy to piperacillin (finding)
294517005Allergy to ticarcillin (finding)
294529001Allergy to colistin (finding)
294531005Allergy to carbapenem (finding)
294532003Allergy to cephalosporin antibacterial (finding)
294537009Allergy to cefazolin (finding)
294541008Allergy to cefaclor (finding)
294542001Allergy to cefuroxime (finding)
294543006Allergy to cefamandole (finding)
294546003Allergy to ceftazidime (finding)
294548002Allergy to cefixime (finding)
294550005Allergy to cefpodoxime (finding)
294551009Allergy to ceftriaxone (finding)
294559006Allergy to fosfomycin (finding)
294561002Allergy to clindamycin (finding)
294564005Allergy to monobactam (finding)
294565006Allergy to aztreonam (finding)
294566007Allergy to nitroimidazole (finding)
294567003Allergy to metronidazole (finding)
294568008Allergy to tinidazole (finding)
294573002Allergy to sulfadiazine (finding)
294580000Silver sulfadiazine allergy (disorder)
294582008Allergy to sulfacetamide (finding)
294585005Allergy to doxycycline (finding)
294586006Allergy to lymecycline (finding)
294587002Allergy to minocycline (finding)
294588007Allergy to oxytetracycline (finding)
294590008Allergy to chlortetracycline (finding)
294591007Allergy to demeclocycline (finding)
294592000Allergy to tetracycline (finding)
294593005Allergy to chloramphenicol (finding)
294596002Allergy to atovaquone (finding)
294600007Allergy to pentamidine (finding)
294604003Allergy to clioquinol (finding)
294607005Allergy to pyrazinamide (finding)
294610003Allergy to cycloserine (finding)
294611004Allergy to rifampicin (finding)
294612006Allergy to rifabutin (finding)
294614007Allergy to isoniazid (finding)
294615008Allergy to ethambutol (finding)
294617000Allergy to dapsone (finding)
294621007Allergy to sulfiram (finding)
294625003Allergy to lindane (finding)
294630004Allergy to permethrin (finding)
294633002Allergy to human immunoglobulin (finding)
294639003Allergy to Varicella-zoster virus antibody (finding)
294642009Allergy to vaccine product containing Corynebacterium diphtheriae antigen (finding)
294646007Allergy to Hepatitis B virus vaccine (finding)
294651001Allergy to pertussis vaccine (finding)
294652008Allergy to pneumococcal vaccine (finding)
294654009Allergy to Poliovirus vaccine (finding)
294655005Allergy to Rabies vaccine (finding)
294656006Allergy to rubella vaccine (finding)
294658007Allergy to tetanus vaccine (finding)
294663006Allergy to Hepatitis A virus vaccine (finding)
294664000Allergy to Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine (finding)
294671005Allergy to glucagon (finding)
294674002Allergy to carbimazole (finding)
294676000Allergy to propylthiouracil (finding)
294678004Allergy to betamethasone (finding)
294679007Allergy to methylprednisolone (finding)
294682002Allergy to prednisone (finding)
294683007Allergy to fluorometholone (finding)
294685000Allergy to desonide (finding)
294687008Allergy to fluocinonide (finding)
294690002Allergy to halcinonide (finding)
294692005Allergy to beclometasone (finding)
294693000Allergy to clobetasol (finding)
294698009Allergy to fludrocortisone (finding)
294700000ergy to fluticasone (finding)
294701001Allergy to mometasone (finding)
294702008Allergy to dexamethasone (finding)
294707002Allergy to prednisolone (finding)
294711008Allergy to triamcinolone (finding)
294712001Allergy to budesonide (finding)
294714000Allergy to insulin (finding)
294720004Allergy to isophane insulin (finding)
294723002Allergy to human insulin (finding)
294731007Allergy to glibenclamide (finding)
294732000Allergy to glibornuride (finding)
294733005Allergy to gliclazide (finding)
294740006Allergy to metformin (finding)
294742003Allergy to acarbose (finding)
294747009Allergy to dydrogesterone (finding)
294752004Allergy to norethisterone (finding)
294754003Allergy to levonorgestrel (finding)
294758000Allergy to tibolone (finding)
294764007Allergy to danazol (finding)
294767000Allergy to finasteride (finding)
294769002Allergy to bicalutamide (finding)
294773004Allergy to androgen (finding)
294776007Allergy to testosterone (finding)
294781003Allergy to estrogen (finding)
294782005Allergy to estradiol (finding)
294793007Allergy to ethinylestradiol (finding)
294794001Allergy to estriol (finding)
294798003Allergy to clomifene (finding)
294800005Allergy to cabergoline (finding)
294807008Allergy to desmopressin (finding)
294809006Allergy to terlipressin (finding)
294810001Allergy to antidiuretic hormone (finding)
294815006Allergy to gonadorelin (finding)
294816007Allergy to nafarelin (finding)
294817003Allergy to buserelin (finding)
294819000Allergy to triptorelin (finding)
294821005Allergy to leuprorelin (finding)
294823008Allergy to oxytocin (finding)
294825001Allergy to somatropin hormone (finding)|
294826000Allergy to octreotide (finding)
294829007Allergy to protirelin (finding)
294833000Allergy to bisphosphonate (finding)
294839001Allergy to calcitonin (finding)
294840004Allergy to salmon calcitonin (finding)
294844008Allergy to epoetin alfa (finding)
294845009Allergy to epoetin beta (finding)
294872001Allergy to heparin (finding)
294873006Allergy to enoxaparin (finding)
294874000Allergy to dalteparin (finding)
294876003Allergy to heparinoid (finding)
294881007Allergy to warfarin (finding)
294887006Allergy to tranexamic acid (finding)
294889009Allergy to aprotinin (finding)
294913003Allergy to iodine compound (finding)
294916006Allergy to povidone iodine (finding)
294923007Allergy to retinol (finding)
294929006Allergy to nicotinic acid (finding)
294930001Allergy to folic acid (finding)
294933004Allergy to hydroxocobalamin (finding)
294934005Allergy to cyanocobalamin (finding)
294940003Allergy to ascorbic acid (finding)
294951003Allergy to fluoride (finding)
294956008Allergy to gemfibrozil (finding)
294958009Allergy to acipimox (finding)
294962003Allergy to colestyramine (finding)
294964002Allergy to bezafibrate (finding)
294965001Allergy to clofibrate (finding)
294966000Allergy to fenofibrate (finding)
294971007Allergy to simvastatin (finding)
294972000Allergy to fluvastatin (finding)
294973005Allergy to pravastatin (finding)
294975003Allergy to adenosine (finding)
294977006Allergy to disopyramide (finding)
294980007Allergy to mexiletine (finding)
294982004Allergy to procainamide (finding)
294995009Allergy to hydrochlorothiazide (finding)
295000003Allergy to furosemide (finding)
295003001Allergy to piretanide (finding)
295004007Allergy to torasemide (finding)
295008005Allergy to potassium canrenoate (finding)
295009002Allergy to spironolactone (finding)
295010007Allergy to amiloride (finding)
295019008Allergy to mannitol (finding)
295023000Allergy to chlortalidone (finding)
295024006Allergy to indapamide (finding)
295026008Allergy to metolazone (finding)
295030006Allergy to acetazolamide (finding)
295054001Allergy to digoxin (finding)
295055000Allergy to digitoxin (finding)
295059006Allergy to phosphodiesterase inhibitor (finding)
295062009Allergy to milrinone (finding)
295071000Allergy to minoxidil (finding)
295074008Allergy to diazoxide (finding)
295075009Allergy to hydralazine (finding)
295079003Allergy to glyceryl trinitrate (finding)
295106007Allergy to ethanolamine (finding)
295108008Allergy to streptokinase (finding)
295109000Allergy to urokinase (finding)
295110005Allergy to alteplase (finding)
295111009Allergy to anistreplase (finding)
295112002Allergy to bromelains (finding)
295115000Allergy to streptokinase streptodornase (finding)
295116004Allergy to chymotrypsin (finding)
300910009Allergy to pollen (finding)
300912001Allergy to chocolate (finding)
300916003Allergy to latex (finding)
409136006Allergy to legumes (finding)
414285001Allergy to food (finding)
416098002Allergy to drug (finding)
417532002Allergy to fish (finding)
417918006Allergy to pork (finding)
418085001Allergy to citrus fruit (finding)
418397007Allergy to cinnamon (finding)
418689008Allergy to grass pollen (finding)
418779002Allergy to tomato (finding)
419263009Allergy to tree pollen (finding)
419412007Allergy to rubber (finding)
419474003Allergy to mold (finding)
419573007Allergy to corn (finding)
419619007Allergy to potato (finding)
419788000Allergy to nickel (finding)
419972009Allergy to shrimp (finding)
420080006Allergy to carrot (finding)
423058007Allergy to wasp venom (finding)
424213003Allergy to bee venom (finding)
426232007Environmental allergy (finding)
441954006Allergy to sevoflurane (finding)
441955007Allergy to sufentanil (finding)
441992007Allergy to remifentanil (finding)
448438007Allergy to cisatracurium (finding)
450767000Allergy to tramadol (finding)
473077006Allergy to teriparatide (finding)
609409007Pseudoallergic reaction caused by sulfite (disorder)
609534005Non-allergic hypersensitivity to losartan (finding)
609536007Non-allergic hypersensitivity to dextran (finding)
609538008Non-allergic hypersensitivity to captopril (finding)
609539000Non-allergic hypersensitivity to cilazapril (finding)
609540003Non-allergic hypersensitivity to enalapril (finding)
609541004Non-allergic hypersensitivity to fosinopril (finding)
609542006Non-allergic hypersensitivity to lisinopril (finding)
609543001Non-allergic hypersensitivity to perindopril (finding)
609544007Non-allergic hypersensitivity to quinapril (finding)
609545008Non-allergic hypersensitivity to ramipril (finding)
609546009Non-allergic hypersensitivity to trandolapril (finding)
609548005Non-allergic hypersensitivity to aspartame (finding)
700468006Allergy to Rotavirus vaccine (finding)
703076003Non-allergic hypersensitivity to benzoic acid (finding)
703930000Allergy to beef (finding)
703932008Allergy to chicken meat (finding)
703934009Allergy to fungus (finding)
712840004Allergy to hazelnut (finding)
712843002Allergy to celery (finding)
713018004Allergy to darunavir (finding)
713296005Allergy to protease inhibitor (finding)
713707006Allergy to abacavir (finding)
713725004Allergy to nevirapine (finding)
714332003Allergy to banana (finding)
717234006Allergy to animal protein (finding)
718535005Allergy to pitavastatin (finding)
737493007Allergy to denosumab (finding)
767203005Allergy to cromoglicic acid (finding)
767468001Allergy to pea (finding)
767475000Allergy to vitamin B12 and vitamin B12 derivative (finding)
767478003Allergy to thiamine (finding)
767479006Allergy to pyridoxine (finding)
770891008Allergy to coagulation protein (finding)
772021008Allergy to nebivolol (finding)
773399002Allergy to acetylcholine (finding)
773424001Allergy to citric acid (finding)
773427008Allergy to danaparoid (finding)
773485002Allergy to valproic acid (finding)
773486001Allergy to dextromethorphan (finding)
773490004Allergy to dihydroergotamine (finding)
773491000Allergy to pamidronic acid (finding)
773502004Allergy to meclozine hydrochloride (finding)
773505002Allergy to propamidine (finding)
782415009Intolerance to lactose (finding)
782529008Allergy to digitalis glycoside (finding)
782555009Allergy to cow's milk protein (finding)
782563005Allergy to lithium compound (finding)
782575000Allergy to lupine seed (finding)
782595006Allergy to thiouracil (finding)
788163005Allergy to beef insulin (finding)
788164004Allergy to pork insulin (finding)
830080006Allergy to zinc and zinc compound (finding)
830171008Allergy to meclozine (finding)
830172001Allergy to metamizole (finding)
860604008Allergy to apple (finding)
860764004Allergy to triazole (finding)
860775000Allergy to imidazole (finding)
860956003Allergy to yeast (finding)
870712009Allergy to piperacillin and/or tazobactam (finding)
870714005Allergy to sulfamethoxazole and/or trimethoprim (finding)
870731003Allergy to carbidopa and/or levodopa (finding)
870749003Allergic contact dermatitis caused by usnic acid (disorder)
871508005Allergy to amoxicillin and/or clavulanic acid (finding)
6671000122109Allergy to wall pellitory pollen (finding)
11861000122107Allergy to pantoprazole (finding)
13181000122107Allergy to levofloxacin (finding)
13221000122100Allergy to atorvastatin (finding)
13511000122108Allergy to pineapple (finding)
21191000122102Allergy to mustard seasoning (finding)
22481000122100Allergy to mugwort pollen (finding)
23171000122102Allergy to kiwi fruit (finding)
23181000122104Allergy to mango fruit (finding)
151201000119107Allergy to insect venom (finding)

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
Source The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code