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This page is part of the CH VACD (R4) (v4.0.0-ballot: STU 4 Ballot 1) based on FHIR R4. This is the current published version. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

TC D 02

Test Case D 02: Merging conflicts for immunization, medicalproblems and past illness


In the EPR of the patient there are several ImmunizationAdministration documents. In two documents the same Immunization, PastIllness and MedicalProblem entries are entered.


Test Case D 02Reference Community (C1)Community (C2)PatientDoc1AdminAggregatorResultRecordDoc2AdminaggregationaggregationSame Immunization entry detectedSame PastIllness entry detectedSame MedicalRisk entry detectedcreates documentVaccination RecordPatient sees immunization statusVersion 1.0


A Vaccination Record Document is created with the merging result. The duplicated entries are all in the list, but on all duplicated entries the extension is added to make the duplicate entry visible by reference.