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ValueSet: UnitCode

Official URL: Version: 3.0.0
Active as of 2024-05-16 Computable Name: UnitCode
Other Identifiers: OID:2.16.756. (use: official)

Copyright/Legal: This artefact includes content from SNOMED Clinical Terms® (SNOMED CT®) which is copyright of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). Implementers of these artefacts must have the appropriate SNOMED CT Affiliate license - for more information contact or



This value set is not used here; it may be used elsewhere (e.g. specifications and/or implementations that use this content)

Logical Definition (CLD)

This value set includes codes based on the following rules:

  • Include these codes as defined in
    mm2square millimeter
    cm2square centimeter
    cm3cubic centimeter
    [tbs_m]tablespoon - metric
    [ppm]Parts Per Million
    [tsp_m]teaspoon - metric
    [iU]international unit
    [CFU]Colony Forming Units
  • Include these codes as defined in
    732981002 Actuation (unit of presentation)
    732978007 Ampule (unit of presentation)
    413568008 Application - unit of product usage (qualifier value)
    732980001 Applicator (unit of presentation)
    732982009 Bag (unit of presentation)
    732983004 Barrel (unit of presentation)
    732984005 Blister (unit of presentation)
    732985006 Block (unit of presentation)
    732986007 Bottle (unit of presentation)
    732987003 Cachet (unit of presentation)
    732937005 Capsule (unit of presentation)
    732988008 Cartridge (unit of presentation)
    732989000 Chewing gum (unit of presentation)
    732990009 Container (unit of presentation)
    732991008 Cup (unit of presentation)
    732992001 Cylinder (unit of presentation)
    732993006 Dressing (unit of presentation)
    732994000 Drop (unit of presentation)
    732995004 Film (unit of presentation)
    732996003 Implant (unit of presentation)
    732997007 Inhaler (unit of presentation)
    732998002 Insert (unit of presentation)
    732999005 Jar (unit of presentation)
    733001005 Lyophilisate (unit of presentation)
    733002003 Matrix (unit of presentation)
    733003008 Pad (unit of presentation)
    733004002 Pastille (unit of presentation)
    733005001 Patch (unit of presentation)
    733006000 Pen (unit of presentation)
    733007009 Pessary (unit of presentation)
    733008004 Pillule (unit of presentation)
    733009007 Pipette (unit of presentation)
    733010002 Plaster (unit of presentation)
    733011003 Plug (unit of presentation)
    733012005 Pouch (unit of presentation)
    733013000 Sachet (unit of presentation)
    733014006 Sponge (unit of presentation)
    733015007 Spoonful (unit of presentation)
    733016008 Stick (unit of presentation)
    733017004 Straw (unit of presentation)
    733018009 Strip (unit of presentation)
    733019001 Suppository (unit of presentation)
    733020007 Syringe (unit of presentation)
    733021006 System (unit of presentation)
    732936001 Tablet (unit of presentation)
    733022004 Tampon (unit of presentation)
    733023009 Thread (unit of presentation)
    733024003 Tube (unit of presentation)
    733025002 Vessel (unit of presentation)
    733026001 Vial (unit of presentation)
    408102007 Dose
    396186001 (the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ 6) * Unit
    1681000175101 Package
    246205007 Quantity (attribute)
    2011000175108 Thousand Per * Unit
    767525000 Unit

Additional Language Displays

CodeDeutsch (Schweiz) (German (Switzerland), de)English (United States) (English (United States), en)French (Switzerland) (fr)Italian (Switzerland) (it)rm
% % % % % %
Bq Bq Bq Bq Bq Bq
kBq kBq kBq kBq kBq kBq
ng ng ng ng ng ng
ug µg µg µg µg µg
mg mg mg mg mg mg
g g g g g g
kg kg kg kg kg kg
kcal kcal kcal kcal kcal kcal
kJ kJ kJ kJ kJ kJ
meq meq meq mEq mEq meq
umol µmol µmol µmol µmol µmol
mmol mmol mmol mmol mmol mmol
nmol nmol nmol nmol nmol nmol
mol mol mol mol mol mol
nL nl nl nl nl nl
uL µl µl µl µl µl
mL ml ml ml ml ml
L lt lt lt l lt
mm2 mm2 mm2 mm2 mm2 mm2
cm cm cm cm cm cm
cm2 cm2 cm2 cm2 cm2 cm2
cm3 cm3 cm3 cm3 cm3 cm3
s sec sec sec sec sec
min min min min min min
h h h h h h
d d d d d d
a a a a a a
mo mo mo mo mo mo
[tbs_m] Esslöffel tablespoon - metric c. à soupe cucchiaio da minestra Esslöffel
10*6.[iU] MioUI MillionInternationalUnit MioUI MioUI MioUI
[ppm] ppm ppm ppm ppm ppm
[tsp_m] Teelöffel teaspoon - metric c. à café cucchiaino da caffè Teelöffel
[iU] Internationale Einheit international unit unité(s) internationale(s) unità internazionale(i) Internationale Einheit
732981002 Hub Actuation bouffée erogazione Betätigung (Sprühstoss)
732978007 Ampulle Ampule ampoule fiala Ampulle
413568008 Application - unit of product usage (qualifier value) Application - unit of product usage (qualifier value) Application - unit of product usage (qualifier value) Application - unit of product usage (qualifier value) Application - unit of product usage (qualifier value)
732980001 Applikator Applicator applicateur applicatore Applikator
732982009 Tasche Bag sac sacca Tasche
732983004 Kanister Barrel fût fusto Kanister
732984005 Blisterpackung Blister plaquette blister Blisterpackung
732985006 Block Block bloc blocco Block
732986007 Flasche Bottle flacon flacone Flasche
732987003 Oblatenkapsel Cachet cachet cachet Oblatenkapsel
732937005 Kapsel Capsule capsule capsula Kapsel
732988008 Patrone Cartridge cartouche cartuccia Patrone
732989000 Kaugummi Chewing gum gomme à mâcher gomma da masticare Kaugummi
732990009 Behältnis Container récipient contenitore Behältnis
732991008 Messbecher Cup godet bicchiere dosatore Messbecher
732992001 Zylinder Cylinder cylindre cilindro Zylinder
732993006 Verband Dressing compresse garza Verband
732994000 Tropfen Drop goutte goccia Tropfen
732995004 Film Film film film Film
732996003 Implantat Implant implant impianto Implantat
732997007 Inhalator Inhaler inhalateur inalatore Inhalator
732998002 Insert Insert insert inserto Insert
732999005 Weithalsgefäss Jar pot vasetto Weithalsgefäss
733001005 Lyophilisat Lyophilisate lyophilisat liofilizzato Lyophilisat
733002003 Matrix Matrix matrice matrice Matrix
733003008 Pad Pad tampon applicateur tampone Pad
733004002 Pastille Pastille pastille molle pastiglia molle Pastille
733005001 Patch Patch patch cerotto Patch
733006000 Pen Pen stylo penna Pen
733007009 Pessar Pessary ovule ovulo Pessar
733008004 Streukügelchen Pillule granule granuli Streukügelchen
733009007 Pipette Pipette pipette pipetta Pipette
733010002 Pflaster Plaster emplâtre cerotto Pflaster
733011003 Einsatz Plug support poreux supporto Einsatz
733012005 Beutelchen Pouch pochette sachetta Beutelchen
733013000 Beutel Sachet sachet bustina Beutel
733014006 Schwämmchen Sponge eponge spugna Schwämmchen
733015007 ein Löffel voll Spoonful cuillerée cucciaio ein Löffel voll
733016008 Stäbchen Stick bâton stick Stäbchen
733017004 Trinkhalm Straw paille cannuccia Trinkhalm
733018009 Streifen Strip bandelette strip Streifen
733019001 Zäpfchen Suppository suppositoire supposta Zäpfchen
733020007 Spritze Syringe seringue siringa Spritze
733021006 System System système sistema System
732936001 Tablette Tablet comprimé compressa Tablette
733022004 Tampon Tampon tampon diffuseur tampone Tampon
733023009 Faden Thread fil filo Faden
733024003 Tube Tube tube tubo Tube
733025002 Gefäss Vessel récipient étanche recipiente a tenuta Gefäss
733026001 Durchstechflasche Vial petit flacon flaconcino Durchstechflasche
408102007 Dos Dose dose dose Dos
396186001 MioU MioU MioU MioU MioU
1681000175101 Packung Package emballage confezione Packung
246205007 Stk Piece(s) pce pz Stk
2011000175108 Tausend Einheiten Thousand Per * Unit millier d'unités mille per unità * Tausend Einheiten
767525000 Einheit unit unité(s) unità Einheit



Expansion based on:

  • SNOMED CT International edition 01-Feb 2024
  • codesystem UCUM version 2.0.1

This value set contains 93 concepts.

  732981002 (unit of presentation)
  732978007 (unit of presentation)
  413568008 - unit of product usage (qualifier value)
  732982009 (unit of presentation)
  732984005 (unit of presentation)
  732986007 (unit of presentation)
  732937005 (unit of presentation)
  732988008 (unit of presentation)
  732989000 gum
  732996003 (unit of presentation)
  733005001 (unit of presentation)
  733006000 (unit of presentation)
  733007009 (unit of presentation)
  733009007 (unit of presentation)
  733010002 (unit of presentation)
  733011003 (unit of presentation)
  733012005 (unit of presentation)
  733013000 (unit of presentation)
  733014006 (unit of presentation)
  733015007 (unit of presentation)
  733017004 (unit of presentation)
  733018009 (unit of presentation)
  733019001 (unit of presentation)
  732936001 (unit of presentation)
  733022004 (unit of presentation)
  733026001 (unit of presentation)
  408102007 dose (qualifier value)
  396186001 number ten for arbitrary powers ^ 6) * Unit
  1681000175101 - unit of product usage
  2011000175108 unit

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
System The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code