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ValueSet: CH AllergyIntolerance Reaction Manifestation (Experimental)

Official URL: Version: 3.0.0
Draft as of 2024-05-16 Computable Name: CHAllergyIntoleranceReactionManifestationValueSet

Copyright/Legal: CC0-1.0

CH AllergyIntolerance reaction manifestation value set, including codes values according to the Allergy Reaction (GPS) - IPS value set from SNOMED Clinical Terms® for the documentation of manifestation of allergy or intolerance reactions


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Logical Definition (CLD)

  • Include these codes as defined in
    CodeDisplayEnglish (United States) (English (United States), en)French (Switzerland) (fr)Deutsch (Schweiz) (German (Switzerland), de)Italian (Switzerland) (it)
    422400008Vomiting (disorder)VomitingvomissementErbrechenvomito
    4386001Bronchospasm (finding)BronchospasmbronchospasmeBronchospasmusbroncospasmo
    9826008Conjunctivitis (disorder)ConjunctivitisconjonctiviteKonjunktivitiscongiuntivite
    23924001Tight chest (finding)Tight chestoppression thoraciqueEngegefühl im Brustkorboppressione toracica
    24079001Atopic dermatitis (disorder)Atopic dermatitisdermite atopiqueAtopische Dermatitisdermatite atopica
    31996006Vasculitis (disorder)VasculitisvasculiteVaskulitisvasculite
    39579001Anaphylaxis (disorder)AnaphylaxisanaphylaxieAnaphylaxieanafilassi
    41291007Angioedema (disorder)Angioedemaangio-œdèmeAngioödemangioedema
    43116000Eczema (disorder)EczemaeczémaEkzemeczema
    49727002Cough (finding)CoughtouxHustentosse
    51599000Edema of larynx (disorder)Edema of larynxœdème du larynxKehlkopfödemedema della laringe
    62315008Diarrhea (finding)DiarrheadiarrhéeDiarrhöediarrea
    70076002Rhinitis (disorder)RhinitisrhiniteRhinitisrinite
    73442001Stevens-Johnson syndrome (disorder)Stevens-Johnson syndromesyndrome de Stevens-JohnsonStevens-Johnson-Syndromsindrome di Stevens-Johnson
    76067001Sneezing (finding)SneezingéternuementNiesenstarnuto
    91175000Seizure (finding)SeizureconvulsionKonvulsionconvulsione
    126485001Urticaria (disorder)UrticariaurticaireUrtikariaorticaria
    162290004Dry eyes (finding)Dry eyessècheresse oculaireTrockene Augensecchezza oculare
    195967001Asthma (disorder)AsthmaasthmeAsthmaasma
    247472004Wheal (finding)Whealéruption urticaireUrtikarielles Exanthemeruzione orticaria
    267036007Dyspnea (finding)DyspneadyspnéeDyspnoedispnea
    271757001Papular eruption (disorder)Papular eruptionéruption papuleusePapulöses Exanthemeruzione papulare
    271759003Bullous eruption (disorder)Bullous eruptionéruption bulleuseBullöses Exanthemeruzione bollosa
    271807003Eruption of skin (disorder)Eruption of skinéruption cutanéeHautausschlageruzione cutanea
    359610006Ocular hyperemia (disorder)Ocular hyperemiahyperémie oculaireOkuläre Hyperämieiperemia oculare
    410430005Cardiorespiratory arrest (disorder)Cardiorespiratory arrestarrêt cardiorespiratoireKardiorespiratorischer Stillstandarresto cardiorespiratorio
    418363000Itching of skin (finding)Itching of skinprurit de la peauPruritusprurito cutaneo
    422587007Nausea (finding)NauseanauséesNauseanausea
    698247007Cardiac arrhythmia (disorder)Cardiac arrhythmiaarythmie cardiaqueHerzrhythmusstörungaritmia cardiaca
    702809001Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (disorder)Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptomsréaction médicamenteuse avec éosinophilie et symptômes systémiquesMedikamentenreaktion mit Eosinophilie und systemischen Symptomenreazione al medicamento con eosinofilia e sintomi sistemici
    768962006Lyell syndrome (disorder)Lyell syndromesyndrome de LyellLyell-Syndromsindrome di Lyell



Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 01-Feb 2024

This value set contains 31 concepts.

  422400008 (disorder)
  23924001 chest (finding)
  24079001 dermatitis
  51599000 of larynx
  73442001 syndrome
  162290004 eyes
  195967001 hyperreactivity
  271757001 eruption (disorder)
  271759003 eruption
  359610006 of eyesinactive
  410430005 arrest (disorder)
  418363000 of skin (finding)
  422587007 (finding)
  702809001 syndrome
  768962006 syndrome (disorder)

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