CH_CRL (v0.2.1)

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NKRS - Lymphatic Invasion

The data item indicates the presence or absence of tumour cells in lymphatic vessels within and at the margins of the primary tumour, as well as afferent and efferent lymphatics, as noted microscopically by the pathologist. Lymphatic invasion (Variable number: 4.14) in 'NATIONAL CANCER DATA DICTIONARY, V 1.1, Part A, BASIC VARIABLES for Adults, Adolescents, and Children' see Nationale Krebsregistrierungsstelle > Partner im Gesundheitswesen > Information, Grundlagen und Datenstruktur zum KRG.

This code system defines the following codes:

0 L0No lymphatic invasion.
1 L1Lymphatic invasion.
8 LXLymphatic invasion cannot be assessed.