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NKRS - ICD-O-3 Histological Grade

The data item describes the neoplasm’s resemblance to normal (parent) tissue according to ICD-O. ICD-O Histological Grade (Variable number: 3.7) in 'NATIONAL CANCER DATA DICTIONARY, V 1.1, Part A, BASIC VARIABLES for Adults, Adolescents, and Children' see Nationale Krebsregistrierungsstelle > Partner im Gesundheitswesen > Information, Grundlagen und Datenstruktur zum KRG.

This code system defines the following codes:

1 Grade IWell differentiated; Differentiated, NOS; Low grade
2 Grade IIModerately (well) differentiated; Intermediate differentiation.
3 Grade IIIPoorly differentiated; Dedifferentiated; High grade.
4 Grade IVUndifferentiated; Anaplastic.
5 T-cellT-cell; T-precursor.
6 B-cellB-cell; Pre-B; B-precursor.
7 Null cellNull cell; Non-T-non-B.
8 NK cellNK cell; Natural killer cell.