CH_CRL (v0.2.1)

This page is part of the CH-CRL (R4) (v0.2.1: STU) based on FHIR R4. This is the current published version. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions


The data item records tumour size based on clinical investigation, imaging, endoscopy, biopsy or surgical exploration. cT (Variable number: 4.3) in 'NATIONAL CANCER DATA DICTIONARY, V 1.1, Part A, BASIC VARIABLES for Adults, Adolescents, and Children' see Nationale Krebsregistrierungsstelle > Partner im Gesundheitswesen > Information, Grundlagen und Datenstruktur zum KRG.

This code system defines the following codes:

0 cT0
a cTa
is cTis
1 cT1
1a cT1a
1a1 cT1a1
1a2 cT1a2
1b cT1b
1b1 cT1b1
1b2 cT1b2
1c cT1c
1c1 cT1c1
1c2 cT1c2
1c3 cT1c3
1d cT1d
1m1 cT1mi
2 cT2
2a cT2a
2a1 cT2a1
2a2 cT2a2
2b cT2b
2c cT2c
2d cT2d
3 cT3
3a cT3a
3b cT3b
3c cT3c
3d cT3d
3e cT3e
4 cT4
4a cT4a
4b cT4b
4c cT4c
4d cT4d
4e cT4e