CH Core (R4)
2.0.0 - STU 2

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NamingSystem: ahvn13-navs13

name: AHVN13_NAVS13

status: ACTIVE


date: Nov 27, 2018

publisher: HL7 Switzerland on behalf of Central Compensation Office CCO (CCO)


responsible: The Federal Department of Finance (FDF) / Central Compensation Office CCO

type: IHI (Details : { code 'NI' = 'National unique individual identifier', given as 'National unique individual identifier'})

description: The AHVN13 / NAVS13 - (abbreviation for new thirteen-digit Social Security number) - is an administrative identifier for natural persons in Switzerland. It is issued, announced and administered by the [Central Compensation Office]( It is available to all organisations and communities for which there is a legal basis.

jurisdiction: Switzerland (Details : {urn:iso:std:iso:3166 code 'CH' = 'Switzerland)


- Type Value Comment
* OID 2.16.756.5.32 This is the official identifier